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design services

It could be a bespoke structure or unique interior, but trust us, if there's one thing that sets outstanding experiential and glamping developments apart,
it's design
Each project has its own influences and constraints, and whilst there are design disciplines to follow, there's no substitute for natural creativity and inspiration... and it's these that manifest the experiences and places that guests and cameras adore.   


Our three design services are offered individually but are not mutually exclusive, and work well when applied holistically.

project concept creation

Creating a project concept for an experiential tourism development needs a keen eye and unbridled inspiration. 

The project concept shapes a developments overall aesthetic, endorses the brand, and can strongly influences its U.S.P. 

To create a project concept for you we weave together key influences, including the guest profile and destination requirements. We evaluate appropriate accommodation structures, their siting, exterior and interior styling and those subtle details that deepen the guest experience.   

bespoke structure design 

​​Originality is underrated, yet essential in experiential tourism. Accommodations often need a unique style to stand out in an increasingly 'busy' market. ​We use our rental and design experience to create structures that deliver engaging marketing images and memorable guest experiences - and therefore healthy ROI's. 

However, it's not just about 'looks', accommodations for commercial rental also need to be operationally efficient, we bring together experience in operations, design, and construction to create commercially effective structures. 

bespoke interiors

Interior styling is often overlooked but can make or break a project, and a good design concept  can transform even an off-the-peg accommodation into something unique.


Our interior design process involves us gaining a clear understanding of your branding and business model, so we can create a unique and appropriate experience for your guests. We can implement the resulting design scheme ourselves,  or hand over to you for completion with our online support. 


design fees

We offer flexible levels of design input to suit each project and client needs, with a fair and competitive fee structure. For small independent start-ups and businesses we can offer special rates on project concepts and interiors with a mood-board only service starting from £345.

We usually start with an informal chat and progress from there according to the design service your project needs. 

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