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about us

authentic experiences created by authentic people

many landowners and operators are trying to diversify into this movement whilst others have been doing so for decades - it’s second nature if this is your lifestyle, and fortunately for Kate Morel and her colleagues this is the case​​​

​Morel Co is run by Kate Morel. Considered to be the real deal by industry peers, her interests and way of life genuinely reflect the ethos of glamping and the experiential travel movement - she sometimes jokes that for the first time in her life she actually feels trendy!

To support her customers, Kate teams up with hand-picked industry colleagues and companies who also take pride working in the best interest of their customers. Always sharing honest advice even when it might not be exactly what a customer wants to hear, there's no point taking on a  project or engaging in feasibility reports when we know, from experience, that a project isn't going to work.

With a signature creative approach, Kate has been inspiring existing and aspiring holiday and glamping operators for over 15 years, drawing on a further 25 years of hands-on experience in experiential travel and hospitality, design and property development. Her advice and creative input have been behind numerous successful projects, many of which have featured in publications, appeared in TV programmes, and achieved awards in tourism and sustainability.



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working in Ecuador with

the Ministry of Tourism 

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"Hello, thanks for visiting my website and wanting to know a bit 'about us'.

It's no secret that I love the experiential tourism sector, although honestly, it's never been a 'job' - the saying 'do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life' is so true. My projects involve a lot of things that excite and motivate me - outdoors, nature, crafts, architecture, interior design, business modeling... and some v cool customers - I really do get to work with the best people.    


If you'd like to talk through your project or ideas please get in touch today. Let's have an informal chat to see if there's a fit between what you need and what I and my colleagues could do to support your business goals. If we're not right for your project I'll do my best to signpost you to another reliable, reputable company so at least you're on the right track with the right people".

                            Kate Morel  

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