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advisory services

 Experience has proven, time and again, that the most prosperous glamping and experiential accommodations are thoughtfully modelled, curated and marketed.
Whether you're new to this sector or a seasoned operator, we can help your development be one of them.
The following types of support are not mutually exclusive, and most often work hand in hand: 
business models

Diversifying into glamping and experiential accommodations can

be elusive - what is it and where do you start?!
We'll research, collate and review appropriate data, identify key features and create a bespoke business model for your new business, or diversification idea.

business audit 

If you're already operating but aren't achieving the occupancy and revenues you need we will review the market position, branding & marketing, ancillary revenues, accommodations, interiors, facilities, guest experience, and circular economy activity. And provide a report on potential improvements. 

with nature 

Multilingual Functionality

 Along with sustainability, regenerative tourism is now a leading movement.

We're keen advocates for rewilding, habitat creation and biodiversity. Woodland management advice comes from from our Royal Forester, Ted.


Not sure what type of accommodation will suit your project?

We will provide an impartial, bespoke report on the most suitable products for your brand, business model and project. Where possible we can also provide indicative revenues.

24/7 Support


At this level it is ALL about the customer experience!  Yet surprisingly this is often where projects miss the mark. This is our signature service, we can create unique guest experiences that are appropriate to your business model, through customised  facilities, activities and features.

planning permits

Advanced Tech

One issue that can stop a project in its tracks is the necessary planning permits.

​We can help with feasibility checks, alternative permit routes, and ongoing planning support via one of our associate planning advisors (currently UK only).

advice fees

We offer a fair & competitive fee structure with special rates for small independent start-ups and businesses. 

We usually start with an informal chat, then a site visit and then ongoing support which can be as a package or ad-hoc. However, if you just need some immediate and direct input on a project or existing business you can book an online Business Development meeting with Kate at a fixed fee of £120.    

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