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In with the Old, a Holiday Cottage Make-Over

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

holiday cottage make over

Holiday Cottage Make-Over

There are two holiday properties at Cossington Park, a three bedroom cottage, and an eight bedroomed House, both in need of a little make-over, but the cottage especially. The brief was to update its interiors to incorporate some of the historic character of the larger House which holds an impressive collection of ancestral possessions and antiques.

Doing a property make-over during lock-downs makes it tricky to get some things just right, especailly choosing colours from a computer screen, even so, we created a mood board for each room with suggested colours and themes, and worked through various options with the client until they were happy with the scheme and products for each room. A lot of time went into finding and choosing furniture, fabrics and accessories from online suppliers, our own stock-room, and from Cossington Park's antique collection.

The Open-Plan Kitchen, Dining & Sitting room

There's already a lot going on in this room so we had the walls repainted in a neutral taupe to keep the room light, and added colour through the furnishings. The dominant colours in this room, turquoise and tan, were taken from an antique oriental painting brought over from the House, just one of many beautiful items that have been collected during the client's ancestor's travels over the centuries. New cushions, rugs and throws were carefully selected to mix modern and vintage style, along with one of Emma J Shipley's beautiful fabrics - 'Lost World', used for the bespoke curtains, echoing the colours and sense of travel.

The Golightly Bedroom

This is the downstairs, accessible bedroom overlooking the rear garden, it's a bright and bonny room which just needed a little colour. We went with a soft lavender and sage green to create a calm atmosphere, replaced the bedside tables and lamps and added new pictures and ornaments. As this room is the only fully accessible bedroom, to facilitate easier use and independence, we replaced the tall wardrobe and chest of drawers with pieces that a wheelchair user could actually reach and use for themselves.

The Kennedy Bedroom

Named after a former trusted employee, this room needed rearranging to make the bed the main feature, and create some space as you entered the room. It was then given a subtle Arts & Crafts look with Tiffany table lamps and Morris & Co's Willow pattern curtains and the result is a particularly restful and elegant room.

Hobbs Bedroom

This is the smallest of the bedrooms and needed some colour and character injecting. It all worked quite well apart from the wall colour which in reality didn't quite match the mustard accessories. Even so, it's an adorable room and with the antique oriental prints and dark carved modern furniture, very much 'Cossington' in character.

The house now has bags of character and colour, and with a mix of contemporary accessories and antiques, brings some of the character of the main House in, making it a comfortable, up-to-date holiday cottage. Click HERE to see a walk-through of the whole finished cottage.



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