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About Morel & Co

'Old School', New Ideas

Inspiration & Philosophy

We cannot lie, we're a tad 'old school'. An inspiration for Morel & Co was the 18th Century designer and Art & Crafts icon, William Morris and his own creative business - Morris & Co. In an era where quality and creativity were losing out to mass production, Morris focused on design-led products and traditional skills whilst exploring new manufacturing. 

Even back then, we're guessing he was considered old-fashioned by some!

After almost 160 years since Morris began his own business journey we're following in his footsteps, sharing the same principles through how we live our own lives, our pastimes and work.


Old fashioned isn't always old news.   

 Size isn't Everything

Somewhat ironically, whilst Morel & Co's inspiration and influences are rather traditional, we've adopted a very forward-thinking, streamlined business model.

For a start, we're free-range, using mostly digital communications (long before lock-downs were a thing) to reduce travelling and carbon footprints. 

Our core team Kate, Matt, Graeme and Rowanne, carry out key functions, with other specialists brought in as and when required. This enables us to choose from a national range of professionals specifically for each project, yet remain competitive.

A Bit of History

Founder, Kate Morel, had been working in the glamping industry for some years when more of her consultancy clients started looking for unusual hospitality accommodations. With a knack for creating her own atmospheric spaces, Kate decided to branch out and start a company that created them for other people too,  simple really, isn't it? Morel & Co was subsequently launched at the Glamping Show,  where our birthday party is becoming something of a show tradition. 

Our work is supported by a wide network of industry contacts in planning, insurance and finance, along with new construction capacity that enables us to scale-up for larger projects.

Morel & Co Ikigai

As individuals we've long been creating spaces and experiences for ourselves and others, but working together has proved to be really exciting as it's created a unique 'mind-hive' of ideas and knowledge. 

We also feel fortunate to be able to pursue vocations that we are passionate about, are good at, and that have a positive impact all round.


The Japanese rather neatly sum it up in one word - Ikigai