About Us



With backgrounds in hospitality, design, building, and experiential tourism - including twelve years glamping & treehouse rental, we're soundly placed and full of ideas to create lodges and treehouses!

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Founder, Kate Morel, had already been running glamping agency Quality Unearthed for some years when experiential vacations really began to take off. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a gift for creating atmospheric spaces, she developed her consulting service into a turn-key design service, focussing on what she's most passionate about  - experiential, alternative spaces.



We have a genuine passion for the natural world, and to create places that foster that connection, but whilst we strive to be at one with nature, we fully acknowledge the commercial requirements of our work. Developments need to deliver on guest comfort, immersive experiences and stylish design to generate the ROI's our clients expect. So, things like the latest tech and quirky features are at the forefront of our minds as we design.


Our treehouse and timber frame builders are skilled craftspeople with experience in working on the most challenging UK builds. Wherever feasible, our modular designs are manufactured by partners that share our vision through materials and methods employed.


Our industry is currently struggling with terminology: ‘off-grid’ varies wildly in definition, permaculture focuses on plants, sustainability - of what? Arcology – maybe.

If renewable energy is required for a project we work with specialists in each field to create solutions that work in harmony with the goals of the development and what is naturally available.