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about us

The last decade or so has transformed tourism, with back-to-nature, authentic and eco themes dominating related industry events, publications and products - because they are increasingly sought-after by customers.

Some companies are trying to diversify into these new lifestyle trends, whilst others have already been doing this for decades - it’s second nature if that’s who you are - and fortunately, that’s us.

Woodland Cabin Mood_edited.jpg

This is how we are able to craft a unique story into every project, that special ingredient that makes it stand out. Immersive experiences and distinctive features take centre stage, but it's not just about making things look pretty for those instagram shots, it's about creating that ‘magic’ that guests experience whilst actually there, which goes on to deliver the ROI operators expect.

With a signature creative approach, Kate has been inspiring existing and aspiring hospitality operators for over 15 years, drawing on a further 20 years of hands-on experience in experiential hospitality, design and property development. Her advice and creative input has been behind innumerable successful diversification and development projects, many of which have appeared in TV programmes and achieved awards in tourism and sustainability.


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