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Exhibiting & Presenting at the Farm Innovation Show

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It's a big one, the biggest in fact and anyone who is serious about farm and land diversification is there. It's a bit like the Oscars but without the awards and glamour, OK, it's nothing like the Oscars at all! We had been presenting and taking part in expert panels at the Farm Innovation Show for some years, but this year decided to take an exhibition stand as well, the show is a great way to catch up with industry friends, meet new people and if you are exhibiting, it's also a fantastic opportunity to give the latest designs and work a platform.

exhibiting at farm Innovation Show

Getting everything prepared for these events involves far more work, sleepless nights and stress than the smiling faces on the day bely, but it's all worth it when you're there chatting with potential clients about thier ideas and aspirations, memories of running around like a headless chicken are dim and distant. Pulling the design scheme for the stand was a challenge because we didn't want it to be wall to wall pop-ups and collapsible brochure stands, instead we went for an art gallery look with natural materials and a sea of green. All in all it's a really super event, do check it out if you are a landowner - Farm Business Innovation Show


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