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Our Process 

Creating an exciting new space requires a blend of creativity and functionality, but for us, that's not all. We also use a dash of intuition which brings about a certain atmosphere and creates an experience... we can't really explain how that works, it just does!

This holistic way of designing comes into its own when creating spaces that need to fulfil a specific function, or reflect a personality, or support a company brand.  So, if you like to do things a little differently, here's an outline of how the design and build process works out. 

It's Good to Talk

The best way to see if there's a fit between what you want, and what we do, is simply have a chat about your ideas. Our website shows a limited range of what we can do because, like most young companies, there's much more potential behind our current shop window.

This initial contact can be over the phone or video, either way, we'll listen carefully to your ideas and talk through the relevant process in more detail. Bespoke treehouses, for example, can be quite involved.

If you're ready for a chat, do get in touch

Boots on the Ground

The next step is usually for us to visit the proposed location, where we'll have a 'walk & talk' around the site and discuss your ideas in more detail. 

We'll look at practicalities such as positioning of the structure, access and any required utility supplies. For bespoke projects, this is where we get a proper sense of the space and how we can merge practical and aesthetic requirements into the design.    

These visits usually take 2 to 4 hours depending on the nature and size of the project - we like to be as thorough as possible whilst there. Site appraisals are charged at a nominal fee (deducted from the build cost should it go ahead) plus expenses. However, if we are in your area, it could be possible to visit for free or at least a reduced fee. 

Nailing it Down 

Once we've pulled all the necessary information together, the next step is to firm up the vision! 

If you are interested in one of our posh off-the-peg designs, we'll confirm your finish choices, take a deposit, and schedule the build & delivery.

If you are commissioning your own bespoke design, we'll create initial design concepts for you to choose from. The concept of your choice is refined to produce a finished design with 3D imaging, so you have a clear idea of what your finished space will look like. We can also produce 3D models for an extra fee if required. Once we have concluded all the details, we provide a final quotation.  

We can also create a tailored interior design scheme that works with the overall theme and purpose of the space. This makes a huge difference to the finished look and atmosphere.       

Permission to Build

If your space requires planning permission we can take care of planning for you, or if you prefer to use your own planning consultant we are happy to liaise.  It can be a protracted process, the minimum would be two months but it often takes longer.


We understand the common planning objections, especially with regard to treehouse developments, as such, our designs endeavour to mitigate them as much as is feasible. 

All Set & Ready to Go

The last and most exciting phase of the process is - the build. Once a deposit payment is made we schedule the build into the next available calendar time slot.

The length of construction time for a bespoke build will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as other things, such as the weather! 

Some of our stock designs are delivered ready built, whilst others take 2-4 weeks installation on site. Get in touch to talk through the possible timescale of your project. 

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