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Roundhouse Project - Leicester

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Emily and Chris had been running their glamping site in Leicester for a year when they started looking for a way to develop their business and with a private paddock sitting empty, it made sense to diversify with a more exclusive guest experience. They wanted something very different to the existing cottage-style cabins with a boutique experience, with a few ideas in mind they approached use to help them develop them into a defined project concept. They were looking for a roundhouse style cabin and as luck would have it we knew of a basic round cabin design that just needed adapting into accommodation. This saved them having to pay for design fees for a new design, and made the installation process a lot quicker.

Initial conversations established that for the budget to hand we could supply two 5 metre diameter roundhouse units, plus some carefully curated features that would provide the boutique effect they were looking for. We took the stock design and created a simple but efficient interior floorplan that facilitated an open-plan sleeping and dining / kitchenette, plus a generous en-suite shower room.

Cabin Specifications

Several roofing and exterior material options were available, from which Emily and Chris chose cedar for both the cladding and roof shingles, with anthracite-grey windows and doors, it's a popular combination and for good reason as they do look rather well side by side. Curvy structures do not lend themselves to wall radiators so underfloor heating was installed with touchscreen control, as well as LED ceiling, bedside lighting, sockets with USB ports, and a shower room with a 1200x900 shower enclosure, toilet & basin vanity unit, and a heated towel rail. The kitchenette includes a sink area, microwave combi oven, hob, extractor and integrated fridge... it's amazing what you can pack into a 5m circle! The interior was created from a combination of stock flooring, bathroom and kitchen unit choices, along with a bespoke bed and headboard feature. Outside, the cabin is finished with a natural oil and a fanned deck curves around each cabin creating a spacious outdoor area for patio furniture and a hot tub.


We used two different colour schemes for each roundhouse from a colour palette that included blues, reds and greys. Unfortunately the paint supplier sent a red glaze rather than an emulsion and poor Emily had already painted several layers before she realised something 'wasn't quite right' .. as a result the red has turned out a darker shade than planned! Given the current trends, choosing a retro / mid century fabric would have been the predicable route but given the village location and proximity to the church, a nod toward tradition contrasts nicely with the contemporary style of the roundhouses. Curtains and bespoke cushions in a modern William Morris style design created the nod to vintage that we wanted and created striking photographs - especially in combination with the backlit headboard.

The kitchen shelves, bed, headboard and side tables were all hand-crafted on site from timbers that had been salvaged from the demolition of an old school, and the resulting finish has the most beautiful colour and patina. Our initial idea of putting a rustic paint effect on the headboards was quickly dismissed when we saw that the rich tones of the wood sat so beautifully against the feature-wall colours.


To ensure the maximum sense of privacy, use of views, and light, for each roundhouse cabin we spent some time on the orientation of each, and where they would sit within the paddock. Paying particular attention to the use of the hot tubs, the decks on each roundhouse were laid out to ensure maximum privacy. Several hundred trees, shrubs and bulbs have been planted to create a semi-wild space that increases biodiversity and creates habitat and food sources for insects, birds and small mammals... we like to think that when the planting has matured in 2-3 years it will be a haven for both guests and nature.

To echo the shape of the roundhouse, the paths from the parking area to each cabin curve out and separate from each other as soon as possible, creating a sense of individuality, and finally, just a few metres from each roundhouse, the paths lead the guests through their own circular 'gateway', planted with fragrant climbers and flowers, leading them to their own retreat space.

These roundhouse cabins are being marketed through an agency with projected rental revenues indicate a healthy return on investment for the site owners. We was delighted to have been chosen to facilitate the project, and wish Emily and Chris every success with their developing glamping business. You can find out more about these cabins on the roundhouse page, or if you're looking for something bespoke, please get in touch to talk through your ideas.


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