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Cool & Contemporary

This style might be more often associated with executive apartments, city hotels, or ‘Grand Designs’, but it also has a valid and welcome home in the glamping and boutique accommodation portfolio.

Whilst cool and contemporary might not be the quaint or rustic image that is often associated with glamping, this doesn’t exclude it from providing a ‘back to nature’ holiday experience - far from it.

However, it’s not all about 'looks', glamping’s core ethos was (and some argue, still should be) to provide a low-impact, sustainable option that brings people into closer contact with the natural environment - and contemporary glamping structures can deliver this. Combining the use of traditional and sustainable materials, cutting edge technologies and new construction methods, contemporary structures can bring excitement and innovation to this sector.

Reasons to Embrace Modernity

Contemporary structures remain an under-utilised option in glamping right now and possess untapped potential, they create an extraordinary experience for guests and are an effective way to differentiate a business in an increasingly competitive market. Creating a unique, contemporary glamping offer is a bold (maybe even brave) move, but it produces a particularly strong unique selling point.

Perhaps due to their rarity and the demographic they attract, contemporary designs can command higher rental fees and enjoy better occupancy rates, although obviously caveats around ‘variables’ apply. Also, because of their neutral style they don’t become unfashionable or dated, all that might be required to maintain occupancy rates and fees is a periodic interior refurbishment, or the addition of a new activity.

They're also particularly suited to hotels and golf courses, increasing a catchment area, attracting new customers and up-scaling accommodation capacity at a fraction of the cost of a traditional extension or building.

Leading Edge Structures

Developments in the ‘tiny home’, ancillary domestic accommodation and glamping have created new markets worldwide for small scale, contemporary structures. In response, build companies have stepped up to the mark by creating innovative designs, so whist geodesic domes are possibly the best known contemporary structure, there are plenty more to choose from. Companies like us who specialise in creating original designs can add an extra 'edge' in this sector because contemporary glamping really comes into its own when we go bespoke.

With their clean lines and unfussy interiors, contemporary structures are in stark contrast to most traditional glamping styles, and can be an exciting accommodation option. We say ‘exciting’ with genuine enthusiasm, because the setting of a super-modern structure within an untamed landscape is breathtaking.

For example, take Carwyn's Dragon's Eye cabin with its illuminated interior shining out from a darkened, dramatic Snowdonia landscape. Where else could we experience such an incredibly designed space, and comfort, within such a wild, rugged location?

Business Boundaries

As a prospective glamping owner, when creating a particularly unusual accommodation, a crucial decision is how far we can push those boundaries whilst still creating commercially successful businesses. When it comes to ‘contemporary’, the answer seems to be, quite a way. Even so, there are several variables that can influence success, so it's important to evaluate if ‘contemporary’ suits the destination and guest profile, having said that, this design style seems to be something that guests will travel for, if it really appeals to them.

Overall, contemporary glamping has a lot to offer, to guests, the industry, and business owners alike. It provides a unique way for guests to experience ‘the great outdoors’, and who knows, might even encourage those who would never consider such a holiday, to give it a try. It creates new, unique and exciting structures, pushing the boundaries of innovation. And last, but not least, it provides interesting and profitable businesses for those who have the location, budget and initiative to create such developments.


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