Hospitality Diversification


Over the last decade, the face of hospitality accommodation has transformed beyond recognition as new sectors have emerged and developed

Leisure and tourism has changed as trends and customer demands have developed in exciting new directions as more of us seek out more authentic experiences from our leisure time. For new and existing hospitality accommodation providers, this creates equally exciting development opportunities to incorporate at least some elements of these new market demands.

These new sectors have been referred to as niche, but they feature so regularly in mainstream media and new leisure and hospitality developments, that's hardly the case any more. One of the sectors - 'experiential' - is where we fit in, because the spaces we create focus on providing a unique, in-depth experience above and beyond the usual.ext and edit me. 

We understand that accommodation for the hospitality industry requires a different approach than for private-use spaces, because whilst we still want the space to be attractive, practicalities become paramount. Having worked in hospitality and holiday rentals, Morel & Co's founder, Kate Morel, understands their specific and unique requirements and has a big influence on our commercial projects. Her hospitality consultancy advice in inclusive to Morel & Co's work, but is also offered as a separate service in its own right - Morel Consultancy.  

Even seasoned hospitality businesses can benefit from our , diversifying into an unknown sector can requires guidance from people who understand it, and for commercial developments, we want to understand your business model and goals, to make good use of our knowledge of tourism trends and potential revenues. Having worked in glamping and treehouse rental for ten years, founder, Kate Morel, knows this sector inside-out.  

This unique approach comes into its own when designing spaces that need to fulfil a specific function, reflect someone's personality, or endorse a company brand.
Boots on the Ground
Permission to Build 

The planning application process for bespoke treehouses is subject to National Planning Policy and, specific to each county, Local Planning Policy. Other factors that can make or break an application are flood risk zones and conservation restrictions.  

We can take care of planning for you, or you prefer to use your own planning consultant we are happy to liaise.  It can be a protracted process, the minimum would be two months bit it often takes longer.


We understand the common objectives made with regard to treehouse developments, as such, our designs endeavour to mitigate them as much as is feasible

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