Commissioning your own design is exciting, especially when we're talking about a treehouse! We share the excitement with you, and want to get to know the whole story so we understand what you want and need from your bespoke treehouse


Treehouses are rather like those ancient temples deep in forests, we're inspired by their beauty but rarely think about how the materials got there or how they were actually built!

Bringing a new treehouse into existence can be a lengthy process due to the design stages, planning application and the weather during building. We do our best to co-ordinate timeframes whilst minimising up-front costs. 

The full bespoke design and build process is outlined here on our on Bespoke Design page. 

How Much


Bespoke treehouse prices can vary wildly depending on things like complexity of design, materials and access. A small, simple design for an easy-access location could be less than 100k, upward from this, only imagination and budget set the limits to what we can create.

However, the design and build cost is only one part of the process - there are other fees and expenses that accompany most treehouse builds. As such, the overall cost might be more than expected so we're happy to talk you through this at the beginning, so you know what to budget for and what to expect. We've arranged how we work to minimise your outlay until planning permission has been granted, as this can take a while and isn't always guaranteed. 

How Long 


Timescales can also vary, depending many things such as the complexity of the design, size of the treehouse, planning applications, available build schedule and, of course - the weather.


It's difficult to give an exact time-frame, but 6 - 12 months is about the average time from first visit to handing over the keys.  

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to treehouses, especially bespoke designs, so if you'd like to get a better understanding, or a better idea of how much your treehouse idea might cost, please get in touch for a chat.

 got ideas for an awesome bespoke treehouse? let's talk  
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