Bespoke Design



Bespoke design opens up a whole world of exciting possibilities

Commission your own bespoke design to create original and unique accommodations that will, truly, set your new development or diversification project apart from the competition 

Focussed Design Experience 

Our designers and architect partners have direct experience in commercial treehouses and lodges. This enables us to create alternative accommodations that deliver memorable guest experiences and engaging marketing images - and therefore - healthy ROI's. 

As the staycation market develops, it is increasingly important to stand out in the market-place, and bespoke design is the most effective way to do this.   

The Custom Design Process

Our design process involves us gaining a clear vision of the brand, demographic, location, and the experience you want to offer your guests.
We'll begin by writing out a design brief from which we create a concept design and work that up to a finished design. 


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Bespoke Treehouses

 Fairytale or modern - let us create a design that enhances and endorses your brand 

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  Small scale, design-led lodges are       leading the way in alternative                      accommodations 

Minimise Financial Outlay

Our design process, especially for treehouse developments, minimises up front expenses until planning permission has been obtained.